Weekends & Chocolate is an upscale collection of all-natural artisan bathing products based on a simple idea: what if your body products could nourish your skin and your soul? Even during a long soak in the bath. Especially during a long soak in the bath. 

Find your perfect fragrance for a unique sensorial experience. 


CASHMERE MILK - Sultry toasted vanilla, coconut crème and sweet, smoky caramel cleanse the body and soothe the soul.
DARK SEQUINS - Seductive, rich leather and smooth tobacco enhance the body and mind, finishing with relaxing traces of spicy pepper and black tea.
FLOWER BUBBLES - Soft, light florals, luxuriously woven through with sweet spices, soften skin and delight the senses.
GYPSY SOUL - The opulence of rosewood jasmine joins oak moss and lush green florals to soothe and moisturize.
TEA BLUSH - Soothe the mind and cleanse the skin with sun-kissed sandalwood, seasoned with hints of vanilla musk and jasmine.
MORNING ZEN - Tangy grapefruit mists through layers of polished jasmine and sugared musk for an awakened mind and glowing skin.
NIGHTCAP DREAMS - Step into a skin-nourishing daydream with warm sandalwood and threads of hypnotic whisky and oak.


Ready to Relax.